Apple iPhone Vision Next

„No one would want to buy a phone with a big screen“ – Steve Jobs, 2010

And he was basically right. Why we have smartphones with larger screen than 4,7 inches when we have iPads and MacBooks in various sizes? Apple iPhone Vision Next is a concept how I imagine the future of mobile technology. I have been always thinking about the future. What is design? What is the definition of perfection? How to create a timeless design? How can design help to make the Earth a better place for living? And then I suddenly found the answer.

Love. Respect. Humility.

This is three basic things you should keep in your mind when designing. The market is overwhelmed with new products, new desings, countless color combinations, and sizes. And that is why electronics is becoming the consumer good. Every two years is developed a new iPhone, its production costs a lot of money, a lot of resources which lead to the deterioration of the planet Earth. Nowadays a mobile phone is considered as a fashion accessory, available in several colors and sizes and people are trying to express their status with it. I disagree with it and that is why I was trying to avoid this idea in my project. My goal was to devise a design language that would be able to stay fresh for several years and therefore the gap between the release of each iPhone would increase from two to at least four years. Therefore, I see the future in the creation of only one perfect prototype, which will have the functional period of four years. One size, one color, and refined design and technology, which will dazzle you at first sight. The process of designing is not a race. Design is about how well it works. The final product has to be able to keep on the market for several years.

It is time to start from the beginning. It is time to make a new timeless design. This is the Vision Next.

Project Details

Date: 5.10.2019

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