Biomega EV
Biomega EV is an extraordinary car inspired by Scandinavian design and designed by talented Manyone team. I have supported the project as a member of the Manyone by creating first design proposals, development sketches and final Photoshop visualisations, also helping out throughout the first 3D model proposals.

Biomega EV was born by merging two exceptional things. Danish design and german engineering. Biomega EV 2019 is a successor of the previous concept, Biomega SIN, created in 2018. It is production version that meets all the European Union road traffic regulations.

Concept to M1 category development in 9 months – In collaboration with automotive engineer partners in Germany, the concept was matured in 2019 to include vehicle packaging, initial BIW, powertrain packaging, E/E architecture layout as well as interior and exterior CAS within the parameters of a category M1 regulatory vehicle.

Designed for the city. Spacious interior on a small footprint. Narrow body and short overhangs enable easy manoeuvring and parking. Simplicity first. Reduced to the essentials. Fewer components with a focus on the details and quality of each one. Flat floor enabled by a skateboard chassis platform.

A car with a view. Large windows for and open and bright cabin. Innovative signalling for pedestrians and cyclists. Front fascia window possible due to the reduced components and rear electric motor.

For more information please visit Manyone website.

Project Details

Date: 15.12.2019

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