Š K O D A   P O R T A L   2 0 3 5

The Portal concept is the merger of purity, minimalism, simplicity and coldness. The aim of this project was to design an autonomous eco-friendly city bus.

I believe that the emotional design is temporary – my approach was to design the public transport vehicle in a very minimalistic way and without the emotions. A public transport vehicle is an object which is seen on the city roads every day – so people get used to it very quickly and get bored of it after some time. Emotions in design always react to the style in the exact period of time. And they are changing. So the only way how to make a timeless unique object is to design it with no feelings and emotions. Because only the simplified design can last forever and become timeless. The Skoda Portal 2035 is a futuristic vision of public transport in the year 2035. It is a light concept and also eco-friendly vision future public transport. The concept is lined with lights, where the edge lights are blinkers and the door frame is a warning light. When the doors are opened and the bus is at the bus-stop, the frame light becomes green and when the doors are closed and the bus is ready to go, the frame light becomes red. The doors are covered by the semi-transparent metal which shows the informations about next bus-stop, arrival time and further informations. On the top of the vehicle is a nano-particles mechanism that absorbs pollution (dust and dirt) during the ride and filters it. If these buses replace all current buses, it is possible in ten years to repair the polluted air by 50%. Portal 2035 concept takes you from A to B and cleans polluted air at the same moment.

Project Details

Date: 10.11.2019

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