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Škoda vision eCon – Marek Weidlich


The Škoda eCon concept is a sculptural vision of an electric icon in the near future. Škoda eCon concept is the merger of minimalism, national symbols, Czech heritage, and Škoda design. In my diploma thesis, I was trying to find the eco-friendly future of autonomous cars and design it according to my vision of how autonomous cars could look in approximately 50 years. If we look at the current situation of transport in large cities, we will see how congested and crowded by many cars the cities are. Taxis are losing their function, the capacity of public transportation is inadequate and there are too many cars everywhere. We are used to owning not one, but several cars; however, their function is disappearing. We own Coupé for summer trips, SUVs for trips to the mountains, MPVs for transporting children to schools. We live at the time of billion cars. The main target I focused on in my thesis was the way of transportation itself. The kind of transport we know today is outdated and will have to change. Change our mindset and attitude toward transportation itself. We have plenty of car companies these days. All these car companies focus on quantity, not quality. My diploma thesis is basically a performance. My goal was to design an automotive sculpture that would raise the questions and prompt the people to think. To think about the transport situation. Is it correct how many cars are being produced today and how many of them are scrapped every day? The first step in the process was to realize and accept the three basic rules of old design and architecture masters. As FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION (Louis Sullivan), LESS IS MORE (Dieter Rams) and ORNAMENT IS A CRIME (Adolf Loos).

My diploma thesis is called The eCon2. The whole name of the project is “Electric Icon x2”. It is composed of two parts. The Capsule and The Module. The Capsule would be bought as a car, as we know today. It would be offered in two variants. Small (from three to five seats) and large (from five to seven seats). The module, the so-called platform, would be leased depending on the nature of the road. This means if the family would like to ski in the mountains, they would rent a 4WD platform. If the family decides to take a trip into a low-end terrain, they would rent a platform adapted for motorway journeys (other chassis hardness and so on). If it would be a ride for enjoyment, they would lease a platform with a sporty character.

Because I worked on my diploma in cooperation with the largest Czech automotive company, I decided to maintain a great patriotism in my work. For this reason, I worked with purely Czech materials and integrated national symbols into the design. Therefore, the capsule is made of Bohemian crystal, representing the core of the sculpture and the most important part of my work. The Module is made of Czech porcelain. The shape is continuously connected according to the timeless architecture of the Ještd observation tower. The shape of the back part of the crystal is inspired by the blue wedge shape on the Czech flag.

…was to connect the Platform/Capsula idea with Volkswagen Group potencial. To create a bridge across all the companies in the Volkswagen Group and make them to be even more cooperative than they are today. Volkswagen Group is the world’s largest automaker by sales, overtaking Toyota, selling 10.7 million vehicles, containing brands as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, CUPRA, ItalDesign Giugiaro, Ducati, Lamborghini, MAN AG, Porsche, Scania, SEAT, Škoda, Volkswagen Vehicles and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Just imagine that idea, if every brand would produce it’s own Platform and Capsula. You could easily buy a Capsula what fits you the best (in term of comfort – Bentley for instance – for its comfort and luxury) and connect it with the Platform you prefer the best (in term of function and reliability – Audi for instance – for its high-end engineering). With this idea you could create and buy a vehicle which meets your expectations.






Project Details

Date: 15.11.2019

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